Our story begins in 1996 where the founder handled one of the biggest landscape project in Lebanon, La Marina Dbayehproject, backfilled on the Mediterranean sea for an area more than 1 000 000 sqm.Nature Lab is an established landscaping business founded and managed by OliverWehbe, JosephAçafas partner and head ofoperations and Nana Kosseifi as partner and head of design.
Thetechnical and creative skills, combined with 27 years of experience has enabled Nature Lab to establish a proven and reliable track record for delivering high quality landscape projects and green walls over a wide geographical area.
Nature Lab has left also a footprint as consultant in France, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Los Angeles.In 2020, the team has established Nature Hub a landscape company based in Cairo -Egypt.
In 2010, Oliver Wehbe co founded Green studios saland launched the first smart hydroponic green wall in the region and the first Green roof system build-up in collaboration with ZinCoGermany, the pioneers and world leaders in Green roof systems since 1957.
Many green wall installations have been successfully executed in very hot countries like Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt and Los Angeles USA…in collaboration with many prestigious companies, Dar elHandasah, KhairallahArchitects, Samir hakim design studio, Ramy holding, Ramy Boutros Design, ABNIAH contr., SEG contr., SNE contr., Kfouryengineering, Atelier 33, JSK Real Estate, AntounReal Estate, Al Kharafi group, SKY contr., AfaqF&B, Maria group, Nabil GholamArchitects, Bernard khouryArchitects, Francis landscape, Galal MahhmoudArchitects, AAA Architects, Designboom, greenerontheotherside…

About the founder

Nature Lab finds its roots in the expertise and passion of Oliver Wehbe, a visionary botanist and accomplished landscape engineer. Oliver's profound commitment to the natural world and its integration into human spaces led to the establishment of Nature Lab. Prior to founding Nature Lab, Oliver served as a founding partner and head of operations at Green Studios Sal. In this influential role, he not only demonstrated his dedication to sustainable landscaping but also played a key part in advancing the field. Oliver spearheaded the development of patented green wall technology specifically designed to thrive in hot weather conditions. Additionally, his innovative mindset extended to the realm of roof gardens, where he contributed significantly to pioneering solutions that seamlessly blend environmental consciousness with aesthetic appeal. Nature Lab, under Oliver's leadership, continues to be a beacon of innovation and environmental stewardship in the realm of landscape engineering.

  • Joseph Açaf

    Agricultural Engineer
    Head of Operations
    00961 76 315 209

  • Nana Kosseifi

    Landscape Designer
    Head of design
    00961 79 315 209

  • Paul ElHattouny

    Agricultural Engineer
    Maintenance coordinator
    00961 76 555 269

  • Ramez Francis

    Agricultural Engineer
    Head of irrigation
    00961 70 237 785

Nature Lab family

In our landscape firm, teamwork is the cornerstone of excellence. Led by founder Oliver Wehbe, our dedicated team, including operations head Joseph Açafas and design lead Nana Kosseifi, collaborates seamlessly to fuse creativity with technical precision. With 27 years of collective experience, our harmonious collaboration ensures that each project reflects the utmost quality and innovation.

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